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Meet Charles Fogle: A Pillar of Chesed Life Builders


Meet Charles Fogle: A Pillar of Chesed Life Builders

Charles Fogle, a proud US Navy veteran, stands as a cornerstone of Chesed Life Builders, contributing as a founding member who has profoundly influenced our vision and program development. With years of dedicated service, Charles has been instrumental in establishing Chesed Life Builders as a trusted name in community support.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a B.A. in Community Engagement and Education, Charles continues to deepen his expertise. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Nonprofit Management & Leadership, set to graduate in 2024. His commitment to education and leadership enhances our ability to serve with excellence and compassion.

Meet Tsiltiyah Fogle: Founding Member and Catalyst for Change

Vice President

Tsiltiyah Fogle has been an integral part of Chesed Life Builders since its inception, playing a pivotal role in shaping our mission and guiding our projects. With a background as a US Marine Corps veteran, Tsiltiyah brings a wealth of experience and skills that have been instrumental in the growth and impact of Chesed Life Builders.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies, Tsiltiyah is also preparing to embark on a journey toward a Master's degree in Social Work. Their dedication to education and service underscores their commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others through Chesed Life Builders.

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